MitID is the full form of the digital identity initiative. It is an acronym, meaning that it is an identification solution. While the name “MitID” is a contraction of “My ID,” the acronym reflects the company’s focus on individuals. As a result, the logo features a spotlight that focuses on the individual. Currently, the company has been testing its new identity system with a small group of pilot users.

MitID is a secure identification system for consumers and service providers. Its security levels are differentiated by the National Standard for Identiteters Sikringsniveau (NSIS), with low level users being able to view basic information and high-level users having the right to edit this information. However, in the near future, MitID will phase out the use of the NemID code card, which can be copied or shared with others.

MitID will provide proxy solutions for online banking as well as solutions for those with special needs. The company plans to introduce solutions for elderly and disabled users, as well as solutions for families. The name “MitID” translates to “MyID.” The name is intended to emphasize that the focus is on the individual and their needs. The company’s logo and website are meant to spotlight the individual, not the institution. And while the project is a good step forward, it must be implemented in real-life scenarios to ensure its success.

MitID – individuals and organizations

As of May 2016, the MitID pilot has reached its closed pilot phase. Approximately 7000 users have already registered. In the meantime, the technology will be used in real-life situations, and brokers should keep their logins secret during this phase. There will be a transition period where both MitID and NemID will be used concurrently. In June 2022, the transition will begin. And it is possible to continue using both during the pilot.

MitID will be used for various digital transactions, including public authorities and digital services. The technology will allow companies to manage users, authenticators, certificates, and roles. Aside from its benefits, MitID can meet the strict security requirements of companies and organizations. Its availability in Denmark will also help the Danish government make the transition easier. The new identity card will replace the existing NemID and will be introduced in the summer of 2021.

MitID is an authentication solution. It can be used for many digital transactions. In Denmark, it can be used for online banking. In other countries, it can also be used for other services. While MiID is becoming ubiquitous, it may be a time to get a new identity. There are many benefits to this type of authentication. For example, you can be sure that your personal information remains secure. And the MitID is a way to protect your privacy.